Wonderform: Adaptable in Every Way

Throughout the years, Wonderform had to adapt to several changes in the industry; in-house manufacturing to production overseas; expansion from storefront retail to online sales; and finally, the shift towards the use of representative body positive models in lingerie marketing campaigns.wonderform design drawing

In 1990, Gerry Petriello acquired Wonderform to manage the brand as a small family-run business. Since 1949, Wonderform had always focused on design for private labels, working with the best sample makers in order to master the perfect fit, tailored to every customer’s unique body shape and size but Gerry had bigger plans.


From North American to Asian production

The first fifteen years proved successful, as Wonderform’s client base expanded to different international markets. With rising prices and a decline in North American garment manufacturing, Wonderform officially halted in-house garment production in 2005, in response to the increased shift towards foreign production. Sourcing material would be a challenge, as new relationships had to be developed overseas with , and Gerry seized the opportunity to visit several sites in Hong Kong and China to meet with suppliers and find high quality materials. Since then, Wonderform has developed close relationships with trustworthy and high performing suppliers, sustaining their decades-old reputation for affordable quality products.


The Wonderform Way

Did you know that each Wonderform bra is fitted and checked up to three times before a final product is sent to customers?


From storefront retail to online sales

In 2015, a general shift towards online shopping changed the face of retail completely – resulting in the launch of the Wonderform Intimates e-commerce site.

wonderform website ecommerce

With Gerry’s daughter Amanda at the helm as Director of Product Development & Marketing, Wonderform would launch their own brand, Wonderform Intimates, available exclusively online. With no previous experience in the digital space, the Wonderform team developed a Web site from the ground up, building up their social media and web-based marketing strategy to attract new clients. Within two years, the brand was able to thrive on its own. Wonderform now sells both on and offline, serving more clients than ever before.

From rail thin models to women of different shapes and sizes

Wonderform also had to address another important change in the industry: an increased awareness of female body image.

As Director of Product Development and Marketing, Amanda had to choose a strategy that would convey her vision: affordable quality and beautiful designs to reflect the needs of all women– not just women with supermodel figures.

“Finding models that reflected the average sized woman was a challenge,” says Amanda.

“As a woman, it was important to me to find models that represented a typical body type –which turned out to be one of the most hardest and frustrating things.”

Through her research, Amanda soon learned that modelling agencies either represented “size zero”, typical model body types or “plus size” models; it was nearly impossible to find anyone in between.

“I just really wanted our models to be representative – especially because we offer such a wide range of sizes.”

After a seemingly endless search, she stumbled upon Montreal’s Vizage Modelling Agency.

“Vizage Models don’t necessarily fit the standard mold – which was exactly what we wanted. They worked with us to help us achieve our goals.”

wonderforms models

The response from the marketing campaign has been overwhelming.

“Lots of people have recognized the difference in our marketing campaigns, and have thanked us for using more representative body types in our ads.”

Wonderform remains committed to adapting their products to every body type, without sacrificing the vision of excellence it was built on . After all, despite the ever-changing face of the lingerie industry - quality, service and affordability are values that need never be adapted.




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