Wonderform Intimates: What’s in a Bra?

With the introduction of Wonderform Intimates, Amanda had to work from the ground up, developing a functional platform to promote the company’s new brand.


With Gerry’s business savvy and Amanda’s first hand experience wearing lingerie herself

“I know what it is to actually have to shop for bras,” laughs Amanda,

the pair worked with an in-house designer and sample maker to create fresh new designs for every shape and size.

“I’m always pulling from the latest trends, working with our designer to find the best fit for our brand,” says Amanda.

And that’s only one part of the story.



Here are a few FAQ’S to learn more about the Wonderform Intimates brand.


What are the five must have lingerie items every woman must have in her boudoir?

Every woman needs a great every day t-shirt bra, a sexy lace number and a strapless bra. Comfy boy shorts and a thong would round out the essentials. I never seem to find a bra that fits.

How does Wonderform address this problem?

We have measurement guides to help customers find the right size, but we can always be contacted for help, as well. There are also typical signs to look out for when choosing the right bra. If your breasts spill out of the cups, or the bra band rises up your back, you are definitely not wearing the right size. I like to try lingerie on before I buy it.

Why should I purchase your products online?

One thing most women know is that once you find a bra you like, you tend to choose the same style of bra again. In this case, you wouldn’t need to try it on anymore. After years of making bras, we know the best cups and styles that fit most women and have built our line accordingly. That said, we also accept returns on bras that don’t fit. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us!

What were the steps involved in creating The Wonderform Intimates line??

First, we had to research general styles we felt would best suit our customer’s needs. We eventually decided on key styles of bras and underwear for our collection: essentials, for everyday use; fashion, to add some flare; and celebration items like garters and corsets for special occasions. We worked with designers to create different options for each style. Once our samples were ready, we reviewed them with outside consultants and reworked the line based on their feedback. Next, we worked on getting the fit right for each and every one of our items. Each style was refitted about 2-3 times before we had a final product we knew clients would be satisfied with.

How is Wonderform Intimates different from other brands?

We have years of experience in the industry, work directly with our manufacturers and as a small company, we can offer affordable prices on all our products. We refer to our line as affordable quality; a woman shouldn’t have to break the bank to look and feel great in her lingerie.

How do you ensure your products are of the highest quality?

After working with and meeting many different suppliers over the years, we’ve built long-term relationships with suppliers we trust to deliver high quality products that meet all our technical requirements.

How much time does it make to create a bra, from conception to delivery?

6-8 months.

Women’s body shapes are incredibly unique. How do you ensure the best possible fit?

Each style is available in many different sizes in order to accommodate all our customers. Also, when we designed and fitted garments for production, we try it on in 2-3 different sizes to find the perfect fit.

How do you design your bras? Where do you gain your inspiration?

We always consider our personal tastes, and what we believe is missing in the marketplace. We also pay close attention to trends, and regularly attend trade shows to stay competitive in the industry.

I’ve always been curious...how difficult is it to manufacture a bra?

A bra is one of the most difficult garments to make. It can easily require a dozen different pattern pieces and trims in different materials. It’s a lot more complex than a pair of pants or a t-shirt; even a discrepancy of ¼” in measurement can affect the whole fit, so it’s really important to get every piece right.


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