About Us


As a top lingerie design house, we offer everyday luxury at an affordable price. Founded in Montreal, Canada in 1949, Wonderform has a long history of producing and selling quality lingerie. Acquired by the Petriello family in 1990, the company grew rapidly by focusing on 3 main pillars: quality, price and service. This led them to be a leader in private label manufacturing, working with many of the top lingerie retailers in the world.

After 60 years of unparalleled excellence, Wonderform proudly launched its own line Wonderform Intimates in 2016.





Wonderform built its’ reputation on 3 main pillars: quality, price and service.

Our commitment to our customers is that we integrate these pillars into every item we make.

We take great pride in our brand and products, with every item designed at our offices in Montreal.


We promise to provide great customer service and appreciate all feedback.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by calling us at our toll-free number 1-844-388-5010, or through email info@wonderform.com.

We would be happy to help you!





Wonderform specializes in design and fit for all types of lingerie. We are able to work directly with customers to build programs that meet customer’s needs. If you are interested in our private label services, please contact Amanda at amanda@wonderform.com







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